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Our Cats

We are a family business - each of our households has no more than two beloved Maine Coon cats that compete only with household dogs and kids for attention! Our kittens receive unparralelled handling, socilization, and care from the moment they are born till they are ready to become members of YOUR family! 

Poe is a BEAUTIFUL, silvery-gray lady. She has white feet, something she passes on to many of her kittens. She is a communicator- every time you talk to her, she answers, and she will come running from anywhere in the house when she hears her name!

Poetic Raven ("Poe")

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin is is the house rabblerouser. Her favorite activities include stalking the dogs to tackle them and galloping to and fro with a small toy in her mouth. She makes up for it by having the most loving personality! She's an amazing cuddler with a serious purring motor!

Luna The Eclipse

Luna is as confident and calm as a kitty can be. When she's not snuggled with her chihuahua pals, or wrestling with her six-month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever sister, she enjoys cuddling with our boys!

Molly Magnificent

Molly is as sweet and loving as she is regal.  There's nothing she likes as much as having her belly petted after a hard day of looking beautiful!

Quick Silver

Quick Silver is the father to our beautiful litters. Although un-neutered male cats can be aggressive, Silver breaks the mold! His absolute favorite activity is to be petted, preferably on your lap. Friend or stranger, if you sit down he will hop up, filling your lap with warmth and staying as long as you will let him! 

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