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Our kittens are typically reserved 1-6 months in advance of their birth.

​Variety of colors to choose from! 

Call or text Liza to reserve Color & Sex of your choice!

Kittens Available Soon! Call, Email or Text to reserve yours! 
 716-640-1330, Liza

Colors of our Kittens:

Blue Smoke

Black Smoke

Red Tiger Stripe

Red & White Patch

Silver Smoke

Black Tortise

Calicos with MOST AWESOME markings!

Silver Marble

Silver Tiger

A quick note about online pet scams:

There are some great folks selling registered Maine Coon kittens on the internet. There are also a LOT of scams out there - my customers have the horror stories to prove it! 

BEFORE you send money to anyone, talk to them in person to make sure you feel comfortable! 

My full name is Liza-J Bobseine. I'm from Western NY. If you call I'll answer or call you back shortly! Safe shopping, fellow Americans! :-)(And now Canadians & Bolivians, since  we've shared out kittens with families there as well!) 

Price Varies with Characteristics. Call to get more information! 

Our purebred kittens come with:

  • All first vaccinations & worming

  • Health Record

  • Certificate of Health from the Veterinarian

  • Pedigree-Eligible Registration with the CFA (Cat Fancier's Association) - Please note kittens must be spayed/neutered in order to be registered!

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